Come next month, we'll find out if former Phillie Lenny Dykstra is as tough as 'Nails' in a boxing ring as he was in the outfield. 

Dykstra will square off against Chris 'Bagel Boss Guy' Morgan in a fight set to be refereed by Bam Margera on September 7th in Atlantic City, reports NBCSports.

Last we saw Lenny he was Dumpster-diving for his false teeth behind a Jersey sub shop. But that's not his only eatery escapade. In fact, that how he came to have beef with Chris Morgan in the first place. Morgan flipped out at the Bagel Boss shop on Long Island, ranting about women criticizing men on dating sites for being short, a matter he took out on the store's employees.

I gotta say, teeth or no teeth, my money's still on Dykstra to knock this 'Bagel Boss Guy's' lights out.

We don't have many details yet on where the boxing match will take place, but we'll keep you posted! I do hope, though, they put the proceeds to charity.

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