Boy, do we have a quarantine gift for you.

Since there are no concerts or other fun events happening for the foreseeable future, we decided to bring some fun of our own to the table. We're giving you the chance to win an Annual Fancy Idiot Membership!

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Enter to Win an Annual Fancy Idiot Membership

What exactly IS a Fancy Idiot Membership, you ask? Basically it gives you access to premium Free Beer & Hot Wings content, including the podcasts, webcams, archives and Segment 17, their daily, post radio show podcast.

Sure, it's not Springsteen tickets, but it's still pretty cool, right?

Beginning May 26th through June 26th, Rock 104.1 is giving you the chance to become a "Fancy Idiot" thanks to the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show. Each weekday a winner will be announced on the show, so make sure you have the Rock 104.1 App and be listening.



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