We have a lot of good things in store for 2020.... Christmas on a Friday, Halloween on a Saturday and A LOT of solar activity.

To be exact, we can expect to see 13 full moons which will include 2 Supermoons and a Blue Moon!

What is a Super Moon? Here is the definition according to NJ.com:

"Supermoons are moons that become full when their orbits are closer than average to the Earth — making them appear to be slightly bigger and as much as 30% brighter than ordinary full moons."

Take a look at all of the dates, times and moon nicknames that you should mark off in your calendar so you don't forget to keep an eye on the sky:

Jan. 102:21 p.m.Wolf Moon
Feb. 92:33 a.m.Snow Moon
March 91:47 p.m.Worm Moon / Supermoon
April 710:35 p.m.Pink Moon / Supermoon
May 76:45 a.m.Flower Moon
June 53:12 p.m.Strawberry Moon
July 512:44 a.m.Buck Moon
Aug. 311:58 a.m.Sturgeon Moon
Sept. 21:22 a.m.Corn Moon
Oct. 15:05 p.m.Harvest Moon
Oct. 3110:49 a.m.Blue Moon
Nov. 304:29 a.m.Beaver Moon
Dec. 2910:28 p.m.Cold Moon

So in case you missed it when reading the list, there are two Supermoons in October which makes the second one a blue moon...and it takes place on Halloween. SPOOKKYYYYY.

The next time kids will be able to trick-or-treat on Halloween with a blue moon in the sky will be in 2039. So be on the look out for anything that looks...well....let's just say, a bit more out of place?

Remember...the best places to check out these solar activities is in a dark place where there is not a lot of light so the sky stands out.

To take a look at the original article, head to NJ.com.

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