Everybody LOVES to talk crap about Jersey, right? It's true. When's the last time you heard a non-Jersey resident say ANYTHING nice about any part of the Garden State? It's probably been a while, right?

Sure, every part of the country has their stereotypes. Stereotypes are applied for a reason. Is the truth normally as dramatic or harsh as the stereotypes? That answer is, of course, no.

Still, some stereotypes tend to hold some version of the truth to them. Everyone loves to talk about how everyone hailing from New Jersey can't drive. Mostly, the complaints are made about how "reckless" Jersey drivers are. Occasionally though, people like to point out that Jersey drivers sometimes don't pay the utmost attention to the road.

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Sure, I'll admit some drivers in the Garden State tend to be a little heavy-footed. They like to drive fast. Here's the thing though; at least NJ drivers are passing people in the proper lane.

If you find yourself falling down the #southjersey Discover page on Tiktok, you'll come across a video that accurately portrays what it's like for New Jersey drivers to be stuck behind someone from Pennsylvania who is barely going the speed limit and decided to set up camp in the far left lane. Remember earlier when I mentioned how people LOVE to talk crap on New Jersey? Well, PA, this one's for you.

Why does it ALWAYS seem to be PA drivers that aren't aware of the normal flow of traffic? If you're passing, stick to the far left lane. If you're not, then stay to the right. It's really not that difficult, people!

Of course, the video also provides a dramatic depiction of Jersey drivers late for work. It's funny because it's not completely off-base.


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Source: Tiktok

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