The saying that comes to mind with this story: "Don't fix what isn't broken."

I stumbled upon this video that was posted to and I have mixed feelings on it.

There is a local ice cream shop at the Jersey Shore that is definitely testing the limits when it comes to sweet treats.

Their business is called ElemeN7ts Ice Cream and Frozen Confections by NitroGirl and they are located right in Forked River.

One of their menu items caught my eye -- Pork Roll & Cheese Ice Cream Sandwich. 😲

I know....

So here is a basic idea of what is in this sandwich: it is liquid nitrogen ice cream....


The nitrogen-infused ice cream is made with milk, cream, egg, sugar, and then they freeze it with liquid nitrogen. Cool, right?


.....with candied pork roll bits infused that is sandwiched between a piece of cheesy Cheetos toffee and a slice of candied pork roll.

Talk about a dessert inspire by the Garden State.

But as creative as it is...I don't know how I would feel about trying this. there even any salt, pepper or ketchup?

But as a self-proclaimed foodie, I feel like it would be wrong of me to say no before I officially tried it. Would you?

While we are talking about Elemen7ts by should know that this breakfast-themed dessert is far from the only menu item being offered.

They sell ice cream cups, a Reese's taco, Pork Roll Queen, Ganache-filled nitropanadas, ice cream in a cookie butter taco shell, chocolate-0covered nitrogen ice cannoli, super stuffed nitro Oreo and cheesy Cheetos ice cream sammies.

And of course this caught my eye: They have the ability to freeze alcohol INTO their ice cream.

You would bring in your favorite alcohol  -- and no, it does not matter which alcohol you bring -- and they would make you fresh alcohol-infused ice cream or sorbet. Your order would just take a day or two to make!

So their Pork Roll & Cheese Ice Cream Sandwich is a little out there...but if that doesn't tickle your fancy, there is bound to be other items for you!

FYI: They do offer bulk order for restaurants as well. If interested, email them at

They are located at 721 South Main Street in Forked River. Give them a call at (732) 232-8907 or visit their website.

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