You're soooo not ready, South Jersey! But you should be, because this week's about to get a lot more magical!

Are you ready for Disney On Ice? The princesses Elsa and Ana along with the gang from Disney's latest movie sensation "Encanto" are skating their way into Atlantic City this week! Disney On Ice hits Boardwalk Hall on Thursday, November 10th and will be in town through Sunday.

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In case you didn't pick up on it before, this show is a combination of both "Frozen" and "Encanto," so the kids will be super stoked to see some of their favorite Disney characters. Let's get real, though, is there really an age limit on who can be Disney fans? The answer, albeit obvious, is "absolutely not."

I've seen a few of the Disney On Ice shows, but never this one, so I'm excited to see what it's all about! I'm really happy that the show made it to the South Jersey shore in time for the holidays. Something about ice skating just scream "holiday season," doesn't it? That may be obvious to some, but let's get a grip... you have all winter to ice skate, not just during the holidays. Still, there's something about either watching it or going to a rink yourself that enhances the spirit of the season. That's the truth for me, at least.

Check out all the information for this week's presentation of Disney On Ice's latest show HERE.

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