If it's not the gas prices we have to worry about here in the Garden State, it's the tolls, isn't it? If it's not one of them, it's the other.

Well, with all the toll hikes that have been happening on the various roadways across New Jersey, many residents, myself included, thought that maybe we wouldn't have to worry about the rates increasing for a good while. When they last raised the tolls, we all. perhaps naively. thought that we wouldn't see them spike again for at least a few years.

Well, I'm here to tell you that, unfortunately, I read the news today that proved my assumption wrong.

Now, I will say that those of us who frequently travel along the Atlantic City Expressway seem to be excluded from this most recent announcement, at least for now. Sadly though, if you find yourself taking either the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike a lot, then you're going to have to reach deeper into your pockets.

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Reportedly, a budget for the new year has been approved for those specific roads that will include a 3% toll spike on each. If you're a frequent parkway traveler, you'll be expected to cough up six more cents if you're an EZ-Pass holder, ten cents more if you're still paying cash. It varies from toll to toll, but that's what is to be expected. The tolls in Toms River are reportedly increasing from four to five cents depending on your method of payment.

As for the Turnpike, Turnpike Authority spokesman Tom Feeney reportedly said that the average toll will see about a 15 cent jump.

Another day of more cost of living increases here in the Garden State. None of this will take effect, however, until the new year. For everything you need to know about the toll spikes, click HERE.

Source: NJ.com

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