Here's a place you may have passed by, but never heard of.

Gigantic City!

It's the name of a place in Atlantic County. Not an incorporated city, but perhaps a town that long ago had big, big plans.

Gigantic City is located just outside of Buena, a couple minutes west of Mays Landing.

Wikimapia calls Gigantic City "stupendous - in conception. Wide streets are named after
great American cities - Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Francisco, Cincinnati. These transect big-city avenues: Strand, Broadway, Market, Fulton, Venice."

Gigantic City is one of dozens of places in Atlantic County that never made it to incorporated city status. Here's more from Wikimapia: "Gigantic City illustrates how plans may come and go, but names abide forever." There were big plans for Gigantic City, but they never really panned out. The area eventually became part of Mizpah.

Here's a map of Gigantic City, from Google Maps:

Google Maps
Google Maps

As mentioned above the streets are named after big American cities. Someone had big plans, indeed.

Gigantic City is just one of the many populated places in Atlantic County that never made it to city status. Some - like English Creek, Scullville, and Bargaintown are still familiar today. (All are parts of Egg Harbor Township.) Others are lesser known, or even forgotten, like  Brimfield Crossing, Barnard, Gibson Landing, and Hunter's Mill.

Some other places in Atlantic County that you may never have heard of, according to NJ Hometown Locator are Cloverville, Da Costa, Walkers Forge, and Thomspsontown.

SOURCE: Wikimapia  and NJ Hometown Locator

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