It's the end of the line for Melissa Klapper on Jeopardy!

Well, she won't be headed to compete on the quiz show's Tournament of Champions next year, but at least Klapper isn't a Jeopardy! one-hit-wonder.

On Thursday night, after three consecutive wins, the professor of American and Women's History at Rowan University in Glassboro, lost her fourth match.

Shorts With Ram/YouTube
Shorts With Ram/YouTube

She struggled to stay ahead of her opponents most of the game, but still had a slight chance of victory going into Final Jeopardy! with $6,800.

But a clue about James Bond had her stumped in the category 'Movie Theme Songs', and she turned in an incorrect response, 'Lara' from the film 'Dr. Zhivago', leaving her in third place and making Alec Chao the new Jeopardy! champion.

TSM South Jersey
TSM South Jersey

Professor Klapper should be as proud of herself as WE are! She earned more than $59,000 during her 3-day run on Jeopardy! and gave us someone local to root for!

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Watch Melissa's final episode on Jeopardy! (courtesy Shorts With Ram/YouTube)

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