Spring has sprung! It's time to get off the couch and get back outside. Easier said than done with this year's allergy season wreaking havoc on everybody (me included). You can't waste this beautiful weather, though!

Pretty soon, summer will be here and it'll eventually get so hot that you won't want to do much outside other than swim. You have to enjoy the outdoors while you can! Whether or not you're what they call an "adventurer" doesn't really matter for the place I'm about to reveal to you.

Did you know that there's an old golf course that got converted into a nature preserve in Gloucester County? About 15 minutes from the Deptford Mall, there's a great hike that can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. You'll enjoy a nice walk within the 110 acres of Tall Pines Nature Preserve.

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The best part about it? It's pet-friendly! Feel free to bring your pups and embark on about a one to two hour hike up and down the small hills of what was once a really popular golf course. Yes, there are "hills," but don't get intimidated. You might be walking uphill for about two minutes MAX. They're not true hills, they just break up the majority of the flat terrain you'll encounter on this specific walk.

It's worth the trip to check out how much the place has been taken over by nature. Tall Pines Nature Preserve is the only protected "state park" in Gloucester County. You'll enjoy about four miles of trail with plenty of awesome photo opportunities. From the turtles in the ponds to the blue bird houses, there's a lot for every nature lover to appreciate.

Learn more about the old golf course-turned preserve that calls Gloucester County home HERE.

Source: NJSpots.com

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