AAA/Mid-Atlantic reports gasoline prices in New Jersey are down, and they may be going down further.

"Today's state average is $2.80 per gallon," AAA Spokeswoman Tracy Noble said. "That is down 6 cents in just a week."

And there may more good news, according to Noble — the pump prices may head even lower heading into summer. She said a lot of this is about cheaper crude, which is about $11 per barrel lower than a year ago.

"The prices are coming down as well because the price of crude oil makes up about three quarters of what we pay at the pump," she said. "We can't give you an exact price point as to where New Jersey will be this summer but the fact that we are decreasing almost a penny a day is certainly welcome news to motorists."

The auto club is forecasting that summer national average could get as low as $ 2.70 per gallon. But Noble also cautions that world events always have a bearing on what we pay for gasoline.

Noble also said drivers may be able to realize even more savings.

"The cheapest price at the pump might not be in their neighborhood," she said. "So we advise them to shop around and keep their eyes peeled, whether it be on their commute or if they're heading off to travel somewhere.  And the good news is that Jersey prices are still cheaper than our neighbors in Pennsylvania and New York.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5.

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