It just might be the most famous delivery vehicle in South Jersey. It's the Duck Car!

Jen Maslow Ford is behind the wheel of the Duck Car - so named for the hundreds of rubbery ducks on the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Maslow Ford delivers pizza for Capri Pizza and also Uber Eats.

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford

So how did the duck car come to be? Maslow Ford says, "It started over 10 years ago with one rubber duck on my dash board and from years and years of delivering pizza kids would give me ducks with their names on them and I would glue them to the inside of the car, then eventually I ran out of room on the inside of the car and started gluing them to the outside of the car."

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford
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She says she uses crazy glue for the ducks on the inside of her car and construction glue for the outside ducks.

Maslow Ford estimates to having several hundred ducks. She says her collection continues to grow, adding that every birthday and holiday she receives ducks from random people.

Maslow Ford says people are always asking to take pictures with her car.

In case your wondering, she's never been stopped by the police in regards to the ducks.

Oh, one more thing. When she's not delivering food - and doesn't want to be noticed, she has another car she drives - without any kind of mammals attached to it.

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