Khloe is in 5th grade at Upper Township Schools and she's fighting to win.

She's fighting to win a battle over kidney trouble, but she's also fighting to win a battle to have her artwork appear in the American Kidney Fund's calendar, a calendar filled with young people's artwork.

Khloe's mom, Heather, says this about Khloe:

Last November Klo got sick and ended up at St. Christopher's Hospital where she was put on emergency dialysis. Khloe is still fighting the battle and is in the process of getting on the transplant list.

While Khloe fights that battle, she's also trying to win a spot on the American Kidney Fund Calendar for 2021. Here's Khloe's entry:

Khloe's entry
Khloe's entry


You can help out Khloe by casting your vote right here. Please vote today, as the voting deadline is August 14th.  The winner is expected to be announced on August 18th.

Good luck to Khloe on all fronts!

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SOURCE: Facebook

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