If you live in Egg Harbor Township, you may experience cloudy or discolored tap water or low water pressure today or at some time over the next month.  Here's why.

New Jersey American Water will begin routine flushing of the water distribution system in Egg Harbor Township today, Thursday May 23rd thru Friday June 28th.

Flushing also allows us to monitor and maintain fire hydrants. When crews are working in your area, you may notice reduced pressure, cloudy and or discolored water. If your water is discolored, run the cold water only at the lowest level of the house for about 3 to 5 minutes so that it clears before using. Repeat this flushing step once or twice within an hour as necessary until the water clears.

New Jersey American Water, which services 200 communities in New Jersey, including many in South Jersey, says that no health hazards are associated with discolored water from hydrant flushing, but cautions about washing dishes or doing laundry during this flushing period.

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