Spring officially arrives at 5:24 pm on Monday, March 20.

One sure sign of Spring is a free Rita's Water Ice, and, this year, it's easier to get.

Each year on the first day of Spring, Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard offers a free ice giveaway.

For 31 Years, Rita’s has celebrated the first day of Spring by giving away free Italian ice! This year the annual event falls on March 20.

Last year, Rita's returned to the annual giveaway after a two-year pandemic pause. But, there was one big condition newly included last year. In order to get the free water ice, you had to download the Rita's Water Ice app.

This year, Rita's Water Ice has made it clear that they won't be enforcing that rule in 2023.

"PSA: No app needed for the First Day of Spring Free Ice Giveaway."

However, Rita's would still like you to download their app, so they have included another enticement to Monday's free water ice giveaway.

This is how it works:

"In addition to free Ice on the first day of spring, download the Rita's Ice mobile app before March 20th and enter promo code SPRING23 for a chance to win FREE ICE FOR A YEAR," the frozen treats company wrote on Facebook.

Rita's is also unveiling something new on the first day of spring, saying "We can BEARLY contain our excitement..." on their social media. We hear the flavor is Gummy bears.

In past years, Rita's said it expected to scoop up around 1 million cups of free water ice at its stores located in 31 states that are part of 550 locations worldwide.

You can find a Rita's location near you on the company's website.

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