It seems like every week we are writing about a local longtime business closing its doors, we can now add Wards Pastry in Ocean City as the latest.

Wards Pastry let their customers and the world know about next Sunday’s closing with a post on their Facebook page on the evening of Saturday, September 10, where they wrote:

After being an Ocean City tradition for over 98 years, WARDS PASTRY will be turning off its ovens Sunday, September 18, 2022, for the last time. The Hohman family would like to thank everyone for choosing Wards Pastry to be part of their celebrations through all of these years. Thank you.

To give you an idea of just how long Wards Pastry has been in business, Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States was the incumbent President when their doors first opened in 1923.

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Andy Kortman from Brigantine, New Jersey would travel to Ocean City to enjoy Ward’s Pastry products.

We interviewed Kortman who addressed the great bakery products, as well as the trend of long-time establishments closing their doors forever.

“I would have to say that their scrapple pie and butter cake were my favorites,” said Kortman.

It's sad to see so many of these legendary establishments disappear. Each time one of them goes away, a piece of our childhood goes with it,” said Kortman.

That’s the very essence of what these iconic closings mean to so many people, who have profound feelings about these things.

I remember seeing and enjoying their posted New Year’s Resolution …

Wards Pastry via Facebook.
Wards Pastry via Facebook.

I want to close on a right of personal privilege. My family has enjoyed Wards Pastry for a lifetime.

The staff has always been friendly and very service minded. That is rare to find today.

The Hohman Family are a total class act and they will be missed by many.

Thank you for serving so many generations of South Jersey residents and visitors.

You have been legendary and wonderful for nearly a century—a true record of longevity and endurance.

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