A unique, doo-wop-style motel in Wildwood Crest that was scheduled to be knocked down has been saved!

The Oceanview Motel, located at 7201 Ocean Avenue, has been an icon in Wildwood Crest for generations. We're talking since the 1960s!

courtesy Oceanview Motel via Aversa PR
courtesy Oceanview Motel via Aversa PR

Having closed in late 2021, all signs were pointing to its inevitable demolition.

But, not only has The Oceanview Motel been SPARED demolition, it's getting a new lease on life!

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Madison Resorts recently announced it has purchased The Oceanview Motel, and plans to invest $12 million into the property to upgrade and update it, all while maintaining its rich history and iconic style.

A BETTER, more MODERN Oceanview Motel? That's more impressive news than we'd hoped for!

In a press release, Madison Resorts Founder Dan Alicea stated, "We are thrilled to bring the Madison Resorts family to the Wildwood Crest community. With this purchase, we are excited to be able to help save and preserve such an important piece of Wildwood Crest history. We plan to keep the 62+ year old building and restore it to its retro roots along with modern touches throughout the improvement."

courtesy Oceanview Motel via Aversa PR
courtesy Oceanview Motel via Aversa PR

When The Oceanview Motel does reopen in Spring 2023, it will offer four floors and 108 guest rooms (including 90 suites), beach access, 90,000 square feet, an updated lobby/reception area, a restaurant, a lounging area complete with firepits, an ocean view patio lounge, and more.

That all sounds SO promising! Thank goodness the people at Madison Resorts saw the value and potential in saving The Oceanview.

Earlier this year, Madison Resorts acquired Montreal Beach Resort in Cape May where renovations have already begun.

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