Lots of people from New Jersey vacation in North Carolina and Maine. Those are the two nearest states to have purple paint laws. This mean if a property owner has marked a fence, consecutive fence posts or trees with purple paint, you a being warned not to trespass. Many property owners have had their signs repeatedly torn down by people looking to hunt, camp or party on their land. So about a dozen states have adopted so called "purple paint laws" to alleviate the expense of having to replace no-trespass signs that have been removed by people wanting to claim they didn't know, "where's the sign"?

Purple seems to be one of the only colors even color-blind people can distinguish and it usually catches everyone's attention. Other states around the country include Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Idaho, Arkansas, Montana and Arizona. I happen to have two of my children living in two of the states with these laws and I've let them know what it means. We're letting you know because lots of Jerseyans tired of the Jersey Shore take their summer beach vacation in North Carolina and plenty more love to hike in Maine especially in the upcoming fall.

New Jersey doesn't have any law with colors letting you know to stay away but we do have a Governor who wants people in the country illegally to know that they are welcome here. So maybe he'll consider some color signal to let those folks know to "come in"! Maybe red for his socialist leanings or green for the color of money they take from you to pay for their free college. We'll let him decide on that.

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