Cedar Lake in Monroe Township, Gloucester County is among four parks in South Jersey closed due to what New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife labeled "unprecedented unauthorized use."

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Wildlife Management Areas tells Patch.com that since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been more instances of people to illegally ride off-road vehicles, dump trash, and even vandalize certain parks, like at Morris County's Wildcat Ridge in North Jersey. The phrase 'MAGA' and a giant American Flag looks to have been spray painted on the rocks there.

New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife says those activities have increased at other parks, according to Patch.com Which is why they felt the need for emergency closures of the following parks in South Jersey through September 15, 2021:

  • Winslow Wildlife Management Area (Hot Mix Section)
  • Cedar Lake in Monroe Township, Gloucester County (The Sand Plant)
  • Menantico Ponds in Millville, Cumberland County (All Division of Fish and Wildlife property)
  • Greenwood Forest, Ocean County (parts of Packers Pit and Clay Holes)

This is not good news ahead of Memorial Day Weekend. A more detailed list of closures as well as a map of the areas that are now off-limits can be found at njfishandwildlife.com.

Anyone who enters any of the now restricted areas during the emergency closure can be fined between up to $1,500.

Ug, humans. We sort of ruin everything, don't we. Don't tell anyone, but what if Menantico Ponds was closed because of more Big Foot sightings? What?! It could happen! Lol.

SOURCES: njfishandwildlife.com; Patch.com via Gloucester Twp. Patch/Facebook

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