Those gearing up to achieve the highest bid in the auction to win the chance to blow up Trump Plaza will not get the chance to do so.

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We shared the news a few months ago regarding the auction whose proceeds would go directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City. They were auctioning off the chance to be the person who presses the button which causes Trump Plaza to go ka-boom.

Unfortunately, it looks like that's not going to happen. The implosion has been pushed back several times with it looking to take place next month. However, it won't be a random bloke pressing the button. The sale has been cancelled.

Bodnars Auction, the company responsible for auctioning off the rights to the boom button, said the following:

"At this time, we unfortunately have to announce the cancellation of this sale. Shortly after announcing the sale, the attorneys for IEP AC Plaza LLC, a subsidiary controlled by Icahn Enterprises, sent a letter stating that IEP AC Plaza LLC was not on board with the situation and would in no way participate or help facilitate, citing safety issues. After exhausting every avenue to bring the parties together to make this exciting event happen, we received the final decision from IEP AC Plaza LLC that we must cease and desist."

Since all parties involved couldn't get on board, there won't be anyone besides a trained professional pressing the button that will return Trump Plaza to dust. The news is extremely rough for the folks from the Boys and Girls Club, though. The bidding had reached $175,000 and now they won't be seeing any of that money.

The Boys and Girls Club of AC has remained open through the pandemic so children of working parents had a place to go where they could get there school work done. The children were also fed hot meals during their time there, so this is a huge blow for the organization. If you'd like to find out how you can help, click HERE.


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