Our pets are much like children.  Think about it.  They're constantly exploring, they seem to find a way to get into everything, and the minute you turn your head, they're putting something in their mouth.

Many of us like to let our dogs run.  Whether we bring them to a dog park, or let them out in the backyard, it's a great way for them to expend their energy.

However, if you do let your dog out, it's important that you know about a weed that's common in our area.  We see it every day and think nothing of it.  However, if your dog happens to ingest this weed, it's highly toxic to them, and could have deadly consequences.

The weed is innocent looking enough.  In fact, it's actually very dainty and even pretty.  Its scientific name is Conium Maculatum.   

Its better known as Poison Hemlock, and it's found everywhere in New Jersey.

Poison Hemlock is dangerous to humans as well.  This plant isn't like poison Ivy.  You probably won't get a rash or see any affect if you touch it.  However, for humans and animals alike, it could be deadly if it's ingested.


Signs your pet may have ingested Poison Hemlock include:





Increased Heart Rate


If you suspect your pet has ingested this plant, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Identifying this plant is difficult.  It looks like many other plants.  It's leaves typically look like parsley, it has purple blotches on its stems, and has white roots.

However, it's appearance changes over the two-year life span of the plant.  Its stalk can grow as high as eight to ten feet tall and can have white flowers.

Experts warn you not to mow these plants, as the seeds will spread.  They suggest you dig the plants out in patches, making sure that you get the roots.  Herbicide can help in spring or fall, but not after the plant has bloomed.  Be sure to wear gloves and a mask when near the plant.

Watch Out For Poison Hemlock In New Jersey Yards (onlyinyourstate.com)

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