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I am back with another Teach Tommy. This is a bit of an experiment for me, so it was lovely seeing everyone respond to the last article about Greggy Woot (if you missed it, you can find it here). Today we're going to cover two of the beloved sub-groups among the gang, The Lover Men and the Scissor Sisters. If you have topic ideas let me know.




I was first introduced to the Lover Men and the Scissor Sisters in my first week with the show when Free Beer was out for the day, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. This was one of my favorite days since I started. It was just all-around chaotic and I got a good feel for how things functioned around here. (I also got to scissor my coworkers, which few can say without an HR complaint).



Everyone was saying it was a Lover Men x Scissor Sister Collab, and I obviously could figure out who was who, but I didn't know why they were who they were.


FBHW / Canva
FBHW / Canva



Thankfully, you all were able to help me out. There were a couple of good answers here:


Kristin had an endearingly innocent answer:

Well, honestly, I thought scissor sisters ment they did arts n crafts together. My husband was like um not exactly lol


Sarah made me laugh:

I was a scissor sister for six years!


Russ gave an answer that sounded like it was AI-generated but was very helpful:

The Lover Men and the Scissor Sisters are the monikers taken up by Steve, Hotwings, Maitlynn and Kelly during select Friday Segment 17's during football and basketball seasons. They teach us the ways to be better lovers and even answer any advice questions.


But it was Joshua who gave the most FBHW-like answer that was so beautiful and articulate, that it brought a tear to my eye:

"Maitlynn and Kelly are like sisters that secretly want to turn their bodies into a scissor-like shape and “joust” each other but don’t want it to get awkward, so they adopted the nickname instead. Hot Wings and Steve are the most successful and experienced male lovers on the show and their knowledge about love comes out like a discharge onto the mic. But only after trying it on their own butts first."


Excellent finishing sentence (smirk). Remember...


Be good lovers & Be good, Lovers.


FBHW / Canva


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