You probably won’t believe what I’m about to tell you. But after a trip to Newark Liberty International Airport this week I’ve concluded that it’s the best, most organized airport in the country.

I know I know, getting into the airport is somewhat of a maze, but I realized that once you’re in, it’s pretty well laid out and fairly simple to navigate.

Even though says it’s the 11th busiest airport in the U.S. (based on 2018 passenger numbers), unlike at other airports, Newark's signage isn’t confusing at all.

Newark Airport is oval in shape with terminals, short-term parking lots, and road system on the inside, and the departure concourses on the outside.

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Menendez Carry On Bags

Newark Liberty International Airport is one of the three major airports serving the New York City metropolitan area. While some travelers may have had negative experiences at Newark airport, there are several reasons why it can be considered a well-organized airport, especially compared to some of the others in the tri-state area.

✈️ Size and Layout: Once you’re in, Newark Airport is relatively compact, with a single terminal split into three concourses. This makes it easy to navigate and find your way around, especially for those who may be unfamiliar with the airport or the area.

✈️  Public Transportation: Newark Airport is well-connected to public transportation, with easy access to buses, trains, and taxis. The airport also has its own train station, which provides direct access to New York City and other destinations in the region. The AirTrain is a way to get around Newark Airport. Oh, and it’s free!

✈️ Technology: Newark Airport has made significant investments in technology to improve the passenger experience. For example, it offers a mobile app that allows travelers to track their flight status, view terminal maps, and even order food and drinks for pickup or delivery.

✈️  Amenities: The airport has a wide range of amenities to help passengers stay comfortable and entertained during their travels. This includes a variety of restaurants and shops, with really food shopping. They have free Wi-Fi, of course, and even an art exhibit program. Many of the airport’s food courts, including Terminal B’s Jersey by the Shore and Terminal C’s Global Bazaar, offer dining options inspired by local flavor (Taylor ham, anyone?) as well as foods from around the world (it is an international airport, after all).

✈️  Staff: Finally, the airport's staff are generally considered to be helpful and friendly. From the TSA agents to the airport information desk, I think that, overall, the staff is responsive and willing to assist with any questions or concerns. Now let’s not get crazy—it’s still a busy airport with its share of cranky a-holes. But as airports go, you’ll see a difference here.

Overall, while no airport is perfect, Newark Airport has many features and services that contribute to a well-organized and passenger-friendly airport experience. I realized recently we may be taking it for granted.

Having flown in and out of many airports around the country over the years, I can honestly say, Newark is the best, the easiest to navigate, and because of continued improvements, they really have their stuff together.

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