Driving in the Garden State, it can easily be one of the most frustrating things we do every day.

Between fighting your way onto the Parwak during rush hour or getting in the correct lane to get to the jug handle you need it can be stressful.

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Not to mention just how bad the traffic is at pretty much any time of day.

Fortunately, a lot of our roads have multiple lanes so you're able to zig and zag around all the traffic to try and get to your destination a little bit quick.

But there are rules in Jersey when it comes to passing other vehicles.

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For example, which side of the road you're allowed to pass another vehicle on.

Let's say you're driving down 70 and both lanes in front of you have cars that are moving at a slower rate of speed and you want to pass.

Can you pass on the right side of the road to try and get in front of those cars?

In short, no.

According to NJSA 39:4-85

Under NJSA 39:4-85, vehicles must generally pass other vehicles driving in the same direction on the left-hand side.  If the vehicle in front is making a left turn, the driver can pass on the right, but only if passing is possible without driving onto the shoulder, sidewalk or otherwise leaving the road.

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If you're curious, by the way, what the fine is for passing illegally a New Jersey lawyer Anthony J. Vecchio says the fine can vary between $52 and $202.

He also says that the fine can double if you're in a construction zone or a "no passing zone" and that could also result in points on your license.

Now if you're on a road like the Parkway and there are three lanes of traffic, you'll typically be okay passing where and how you need to to keep traffic flowing.

So drive safe out there Jersey, it can be a wild ride!

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