The banning of tents and canopies has become almost commonplace at the Jersey Shore this summer.

More and more leading up to the summer months we heard and read of some beach towns banning large tents and canopies for one reason or another.

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Personally, I'm a fan of having a tent or canopy on the beach; more often than not I'm with my niece or friends who have kids, and it's great to have a spot for the kids to hang out that's protected from the elements.

Earlier this year Brick Beach announced that tents and canopies would be banned on their shores.

More on the Brick Beach tent ban right here. 

They weren't alone, North Wildwood was also on board with the banning of tents and canopies this summer due to a beach replenishment project they were doing.

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However, North Wildwood is now changing its tune.

North Wildwood Eases Back Restrictions On Tents And Canopies This Summer

According to CBS, the ease in the rules for tents and canopies comes as a result of the city's beach nourishment project.

Tents and canopies that are 10 feet by 10 feet or smaller are now permitted on the sands.

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If you try to bring on anything bigger than 10 by 10 though you will be asked to take it down.

Since the beach nourishment project started, crews have spread over 750 thousand cubic yards of sand onto the beach.

That's a lot of sand!

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