This is a debate that will probably rage for all of eternity in New Jersey, but we asked you who your favorite New Jersey celebrity is, and the results surprised us in many ways.

The celebrity who got the most votes from New Jersey residents was the legendary Frank Sinatra, and no one would argue his qualifications.

The Most Popular New Jersey Celebrity

An argument can be made, though, for some other New Jersey celebrities, even ones who didn't get enough votes to be in the top 3 in this unscientific survey.

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I have to make an argument that it's hard to think of a top 3 favorite New Jersey celebrity list that does not have Jack Nicholson on it.

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Nothing against the stars who made the list, but, as the movie kind of said, "Where's Johnny"?

Here Are New Jersey Residents' Top 3 Favorite Celebrities

You voted for some incredible New Jersey talent. At #3 was Whitney Houston. Holding the second spot was Danny DeVito, and Frank Sinatra grabbed the #1 spot.

While I'm complaining that Jack Nicholson didn't make the top of the list, I have to throw Meryl Streep and Joe Pesci's names into the ring.

I love the three celebrities in the top three, and I'm not arguing against them. I'm just saying the top three should include six people. Hey, it's New Jersey.

Some Big Names Didn't Make The Top Three

Some other New Jersey celebrities who got votes but didn't reach the top 10 include Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and James Gandolfini.

A surprising number of New Jersey residents votes themselves as their favorite Garden State celebrity. There's so much we can say about that, but we won't.

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