It's hard to remember a world without streaming.

Remember when you wanted to check out a movie, you had to buy it from Suncoast or rent it from Blockbuster?

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Think of a movie, any movie. If you can make it a rare film, even better. Got it?

If you want to watch that movie right now, all you have to do is complete a simple search and see which streaming service it's on. It takes you about a minute, tops.

When I was a kid, I recall walking into Blockbuster and heading right for the movie I wanted to rent. I know, rent.

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There was quite a bit of anticipation as you walked up to the video wall because if this movie had just been released or was very popular there was a good chance all of the copies would be MIA.

Wasn't it always a good feeling when you saw the VHS behind the cover?

If a movie was especially good and one that you would want to watch from time to time, you could purchase the VHS, and they weren't cheap.


It could be a garage, spare room, basement, or shed, many New Jersey homes have tons of these VHS tapes just sitting around collecting dust.

Maybe you've been meaning to trash them but you haven't gotten around to it. If this is the case, I've got some great news for you.

There are VHS tapes that are selling for thousands of dollars, and they aren't that rare.


For example, a VHS copy of Rocky II just sold recently for $500 online.

Batman Begins was listed for over $700 and it sold. There are other rarer films that have an even bigger price tag because of the demand.

These are serious collector's items, and there's a good chance that these VHS tapes are taking up space in many Jersey homes.

Take a look at all the movies that are in demand and the nice chunk of change that people paid for them.

VHS Tapes That Sold For Shocking Amounts of Money

These VHS tapes recently sold for hundreds of even thousands of dollars.