Do you own a bar that's failing?

It might be time to call in Jon Taffer and his reality TV series, Bar Rescue.

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30th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show - Day 2
Ethan Miller

How many bars have been "rescued"?

In eight seasons, Bar Rescue has run 249 different episodes. That means close to 250 bars have been featured on the show. A few bars have been lucky enough to be rescued twice.

If you've never seen the show, here's how it works: Host and bar/hospitality expert Jon Taffer visits a failing bar, analyzes the problems, and then tries to fix them.

While most of the problems are people-related, Taffer usually gives the bar a huge makeover along the way. Sometimes he changes the name of the establishment, sometimes not.

Each show usually features kitchen and beverage experts, who do their best to train or re-train the staff.

Often, sponsors kick free equipment for the bar.

In the end, the bar hopefully turns around and goes forward.

Sometimes, the owners don't like the changes and revert to the bar's original identity.

Occasionally, despite Taffer and his team's best efforts, the bar ends up failing anyway.

30th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show - Day 2
Isaac Brekken

How many New Jersey bars have been rescued?

Believe it or not, only two bars in New Jersey have ever been rescued.

In season three, in something called "The Lost Episode", Taffer tries to save the South Park Bar and Grill in Montclair.

The show was filmed in 2010 and aired in 2011, and according to BarRescueUpdates,  "The bar has a hot head owner who is kicking both customers and employees out of his bar.  He also doesn't seem to respect his employees or Jon Taffer's knowledge."

Taffer changes the name of the bar, but it does not stick. The bar eventually closed. Apparently, rowdy behavior in the bar resulted in the bar losing it's liquor license.

The other New Jersey bar to be rescued was Laguna Lounge in Jersey City. The episode first aired in 2014.

This bar too has closed. From BarRescueUpdates: "Jon Taffer and Bar Rescue changed the name to Tres Cuartos, but the bar quickly changed their name back to Laguna Lounge.  Laguna Lounge eventually changed the name of the bar to Laguna Shots Bar, which was the name of the bar when it closed."

Reports say the closing happened in 2017.

30th Annual Nightclub & Bar Convention And Trade Show - Day 1
Ethan Miller

Why have only two New Jersey bars been featured on the show?

No one really knows why Taffer doesn't focus on New Jersey much. (Maybe our bars are all doing great!)

SOURCE: Wikipedia

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