This is the most PHILLY thing you will ever see in your entire life.

Don't tell me that just because you've been to an Eagles tailgate once or twice, you've seen it all. I guarantee you that after you witness what this gem of a human did on ABC's The Bachelor recently, you will lose your mind like the rest of the internet.

Meet Lauren Hollinger. She's one set of the sisters on this season of ABC's hit dating show, The Bachelor. Both she and her sister Allison are contestants this season and are bringing the Philly/South Jersey sizzle.

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As somebody who has lived in either Philly or South Jersey her entire life, I'm here to say right now that I am LIVING for all of this.

Let's just say that what Lauren chose to do upon meeting this season's leading man, well, that's one way to make a hell of a first impression. Truth be told, after seeing that clip, I'm surprised he didn't pop the question right then and there.

Hollinger decided the best way to make an introduction was to show off her best party trick. Now, I'm not sure she anticipated it going over as well as it did, but it was hilarious.

She thought the best way to make this season's bachelor, Joey Graziadei, swoon at first sight was to shotgun a beer with him. He sure did look impressed after she absolutely smoked him. Yeah, she looked beautiful, but when I say "smoked him," I mean she totally kicked his a**!

Honestly, he looked a little embarrassed to have been beaten by a girl, but more power to her, I say. We'll be rooting for you, Lauren!


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