The boardwalk might just be the most famous attraction in all of Wildwood. Stretching over 2 miles long, it's known for its exciting atmosphere, diverse entertainment options, delicious food offerings, and unique shops.

Wildwood's boardwalk is more than just an attraction, though. It's become a must-do tradition year after year for so many families.

Ferris wheel lit up in the night
Google Street View/Canva

Morey's Piers on the Wildwood boardwalk

Morey's Piers, a collection of three amusement piers (Mariner's Landing, Surfside Pier, and Adventure Pier), is just one highlight of one of the happiest places to be in South Jersey during the summer. There's fun for everyone at Morey's.

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Aside from all the awesome rides Morey's Piers have to offer, the boardwalk also boasts an array of arcades, mini-golf courses, water parks, and go-kart tracks, providing endless entertainment options for families and tourists. Visitors can also enjoy live music performances, magic shows, and other entertainment events along the boardwalk during the summer months.

Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman

Best restaurants on the Wildwood boardwalk

The boardwalk is also renowned for its food scene. Who doesn't love a bucket of Curley's Fries? Pizza from Sam's or Mack's always hits the spot, too. There are also sooo many delicious mom-and-pop restaurants lining the boards. Anything you have a taste for, you'll find it.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Wood restoration on the Wildwood boardwalk almost complete

The magic of the boardwalk combined with the nostalgia it provides for so many is why it's so important that the state keeps up with projects and renovations that it needs year after year. The boards were in pretty rough shape, so they recently got a complete facelift.

The work is almost done and it's looking absolutely beautiful! Multiple videos posted to social media show just how great the new boards are looking over a solid stretch of the boardwalk. Look:

People from all over are commenting about how great of a job they did. Can't wait for summer 2024!

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