I subscribe to many of the local Facebook groups that focus on South Jersey, and the Jersey shore.  Lately, I've noticed parents posting questions about jobs for their teenage kids.

For the purpose of this story, I'm focusing on paying jobs for kids that are 16 and 17.  First, there are some restrictions you need to know about.  Generally speaking, it comes down to this:


a.  No work during school hours

b.  They may work between 7a-7p

c.  No more than 40 hours/week

d.  No more than 6 consecutive days

Again, those are general rules and if you have any questions, the most up to date laws can be found here.

I know there are parents who believe allowing their kids to work is somehow "unfair," and they think that kids need to relax from the rigors of school.  I disagree.  Hear me out.

As a kid, I delivered The Trentonian in the morning and The Trenton Evening Times in the afternoon.  As I got older, I began working at a 7-11.  These were hardly full, 40-hour work weeks, but these jobs taught me responsibility.

They taught me how to deal with the many different types of personalities we encounter through life.  It also taught me about money.  It felt great when I was able to cash my check and buy stuff.

With that in mind, here are a few job ideas for those starting out.

Restaurant Help.  Depending on the restaurant, they may be a server, counter help, or bus person.

Lawn Mowing.  There's a lot of money to be made if you're conscientious.  Talk to neighbors and develop a few clients, and depending on the size lawn, you can make bank.  This type of job affords flexibility in hours, and you learn to become your own boss.

Cashier.  All you need to do is shop at any retail outlet and you'll see help wanted signs.  This is a great way to develop people skills.

Dog Walker.  Much like lawn mowing, you're your own boss and you can develop a nice list of clients.  Lots of people who work crazy hours would love to hire someone for this.

Babysitter.  There's high demand for responsible babysitters in this area.  Lots of vacationers may want to go out for a nice dinner and don't want to bring their kids.  These same vacationers will probably expect to pay a bit of a higher rate in-season as well.

15 Best Paying Jobs for a 16-year-old | 2023 (resumeviking.com)

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