The credit card information of customers of a Pennsauken, New Jersey grocery mart could be compromised after a skimmer device was discovered inside the store.

Here we go again. The scammers are scamming in South Jersey.


This latest incident is the third time in two months credit card skimmers have been found inside a store. One was located inside a 7-Eleven convenience store in Cinnaminson, Burlington County, another inside the 7-Eleven off Westfield Ave. in Pennsauken.

Skimming Device Found at Second Pennsauken, NJ Store

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Now, customers of a small grocery store in Pennsauken are being urged to review their bank and credit card statements for fraudulent charges.

According to, a skimmer was reportedly found attached to a credit card reader at Supremo Food Market off South Crescent Boulevard (Route 130 South) in Pennsauken.

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Pennsauken Police Department was made aware of the situation and an investigation is ongoing, reports.

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Authorities are working to determine if the skimmers found at the two 7-Eleven stores and the Supremo Food Market were placed there by the same person/persons.

Are Skimmer Scammers Stealing Credit Card Info in Camden Co., NJ?

Credit Card Reader

According to, skimmers allow thieves to use your personal information to make charges to your credit/debit card and even open new accounts in your name.

The official FBI website has a very informative section on how to spot a skimming device, how to protect your identity, and what to do if your banking or credit card information becomes compromised.

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