Halloween is here, but does New Jersey even care? Here's what the data says.

Halloween comes but once a year, full of spooky and fun festivities, from haunted houses to costumes to candy. LOTS of candy.


The folks at 24/7 Wall Street went on a quest to determine which U.S. go craziest Halloween. A number of factors, based off Google searches, were considered:

  • how often people used Google to search for Halloween-related topics
  • number of costume shops per state
  • number of candy stores per state
  • number of haunted houses
  • amount of Halloween candy purchased

While research shows the Halloween activity Garden Staters love to participate in the most is handing out candy to eager trick-or-treaters, we're not so much into the holiday overall. In fact, New Jersey ranks 49th out of 50 states.


The only state who could care even less about Halloween is Michigan.

New Jersey is also 19th lowest for candy consumption (though I could challenge that statistic, lol).

247wallst.com research also shows that year over year fewer and fewer Americans participate in Halloween festivities like dressing up, decorating, and buying candy. That pretty much means some people just turn off their lights and pretend their not home when trick-or-treaters come knocking, lol.

What's your feeling about Halloween these days? I tend to care less the older I get, but from what I've seen around South Jersey this month, New Jersey DOES seem to like Halloween more than the data would suggest. I've never seen SO many houses decorated for Halloween like they would be for Christmas!

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