Evans. Hemsworth. Pratt. Pine. Hollywood is FILLED with people called 'Chris', and they're constantly being compared to each other even though there are plenty of folks in the real world who share a name. Which 'Chris' does New Jersey prefer? You may be surprised. 

I always go back and forth between Chris Evans and Chris Pine. I mean, one is Captain America, the other just melts my soul when I look at him. And what can ya say about Hemsworth? He's THOR and his features are symmetrically perfect.

I crushed on Chris Pratt for a bit but decided he's too much of a cheesemonger for me (message me for context, lol), but he wears a suit well and knows how to work a camera with his eyes. He's pretty good at dodging dinosaurs, too.

Oh! What about Christopher Meloni from Law & Order??? Even at 62 he's still H-O-T!

NBC's "Law & Order" Season Premiere
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Even though comparing celebrities with the same name seems silly, IS silly, there's still research being conducted on the subject.

A new survey by the folks at Shane Co. shows which 'Chris' New Jersey likes best above all others. Shane Co. reportedly compiled a list of 32 of the most famous Chrises and analyzed Google Trends search data over time to see who dominated in each state.

Kris Jenner technically qualifies!

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Lakers Game
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But here in New Jersey we like a funny Chris! Chris Rock is the most beloved Chris in the Garden State.

94th Annual Academy Awards - Backstage
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Perhaps Rock earned some extra sympathy in NJ after he got slapped by Will Smith at the Oscars?


OOF! That STILL looks nasty.

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Check out the most popular 'Chris' by state below!

courtesy Shane Co.
courtesy Shane Co.

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