There aren't too many stores that have a cult-like following like Trader Joe's.

But why? I mean, it's just a food store, right?

Not so much.

Cool Shopping Experience

Over the years, Trader Joe's has redefined the supermarket shopping experience.

What's on the shelves is a lot fresher, you don't have to decide between 92 brands of yogurt, what they do sell is seen as being a bit hip and trendy, and people just have fun shopping there — it's not seen as a chore.

And the employees seem rather cheerful, too.

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So it's safe to say that when it comes time for Trader Joe's to build new stores (the company openly asks people to recommend locations), people will dream night after night of one opening in their hometown.

A Handful of New Stores

If you're one of those dreamers, there's some good news and bad news.

So far, Trader Joe's has announced only a handful of new stores will be opening in 2024 — but one of those will be in New Jersey.

Yes, only one.

At least for now.

What About South Jersey?

While a handful of Trader Joe's stores exist in the part of South Jersey close to Philadelphia, there are none across most of this half of the state, especially down the shore.

No Trader Joe's in Southern New Jersey
No Trader Joe's in Southern New Jersey - Photo: Google Maps / TSM Illustration

Folks in Atlantic or Cape May Counties would love to see a Trader Joe's open down there (we've been asking for years!).

Another in North Jersey?

Trader Joe's seems to like North Jersey a bit more, especially along the Turnpike and into the heavily populated parts on the other side of the river from New York City...

No Trader Joe's in NW New Jersey
No Trader Joe's in NW New Jersey - Photo: Google Maps / TSM Illustration

...but northwestern New Jersey is lacking Trader Joe's, too.

Where's the New Store Opening?

According to the company, a new Trader Joe's store will be opening in Middletown, Monmouth County.

We've consulted our maps and compass and have found a terrific location for a store in Middletown, NJ. We are proud to be joining the neighborhood, and to continue our commitment to providing nourishment to the surrounding communities through our Neighborhood Shares program.

And yes, that area already has a Trader Joe's -- it's only about 6 miles away in Shrewsbury.

Our Crew is working hard so we can open our doors in 2024. We’ll continue to post new details about the store...

That new store will be opening in the Middletown Plaza shopping center on Route 35 sometime this year (an exact date has yet to be announced).

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