If you’re looking for a cool, overnight adventure that can be found right in Mercer County, New Jersey. There are a lot of Airbnb listings that are worth seeing in the New Jersey area, but this one is for sure not your average rental home.

This Airbnb listing is called the Hippy Hut and it’s a super unique listing in the Mercer County area. It’s a 2 bed, 1 bath hut that’s located in East Windsor, New Jersey that looks like such a fun getaway. This hut has so much to look at and is a great chance to check out the nature that New Jersey has to offer.

It’s located in a wooded area and it looks like the perfect place to book for a small overnight trip with your friends or just a nighttime getaway with your significant other.


You can hang out in hammocks, sit by a campfire, chill out for some time in the sauna, and also just enjoy all of the amazing things to look at inside the Hippy Hut.

Inside you’ll find a kitchen, private sauna, air conditioning if you choose to book during the warmer months, and heating if you choose to go during the colder months! You can also check out their outdoor shower and outdoor bathtub which will pair well with the private sauna you’ll also have full access to.

The Hippy Hut is currently listed for $150 a night!  This looks like the most amazing spot to get away from reality and enjoy some of the beautiful nature New Jersey has to offer! Take a look inside:

Look Inside The "Hippy Hut" in Mercer County, NJ

This has to be one of the coolest Airbnbs in all of Mercer County, New Jersey

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