Living in New Jersey really makes you privileged when it comes to restaurants. In my opinion (and maybe I'm biased), New Jersey is home to some of the best restaurants in the country.

Whether you’re feeling a fancy setting, a hole in the wall with amazing food, a classic diner, or even just something quick like a pizza shop, New Jersey has the best of the best in each category. Love Food has recently released a list of the best restaurants in each U.S. state and you may have heard the restaurant that was named for New Jersey.


In ‘The Garden State’, we are known for being the home to classic diners. There’s nothing better than spending a night at a Jersey diner ordering some disco fries, waffles, an omelet, or whatever your go-to diner order may be.

New Jersey’s most famous restaurant happens to be a diner, but it’s not your average diner. If you’ve ever taken a trip to this famous Jersey diner, you know that it is not your average restaurant.


What is New Jersey’s most famous restaurant?

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google earth

According to Love Food, New Jersey’s most famous restaurant is Tops Diner in East Newark, New Jersey. This New Jersey diner is genuinely incredible and can make just about ANYTHING in its best form. You can order anything from milkshakes to breakfast sandwiches, pasta to burritos. No matter what you’re in the mood for Tops Diner will make you your cravings and it will be one of the best versions of that dish you’ve ever had. Plus, Tops Diner has a fully stocked bar and is open daily from 8 am to 11 pm.

This is New Jersey’s most famous restaurant for a reason! You need to check out Tops Diner in East Newark, New Jersey because after eating a meal here, you’ll be dreaming about it until your next trip back.

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