Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s officially time to start booking those vacations you’ve been dying to go on. The best thing about our area in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York area is that we can book a ton of stay-cations because they’re truly is so much to explore.

There is an Airbnb that is for sure one of the most unique rental homes I’ve seen online. Airbnb has grown in popularity over the years and there have been so many amazing and unique homes available to rent all across not only the country but the world as well.

Airbnb hosts have been truly outdoing themselves when it comes to creating some extremely creative and mindblowing rental homes just like this one located in upstate New York.



This treehouse-styled Airbnb is located in Willow, New York which is located about 2 hours from New York City. Treehouse Airbnb rentals have been popping up everywhere and they have been a new trend when it comes to rentals across the country.

This Treehouse located in Willow, New York is a small but unforgettable experience. It’s been available to rent for a few years now and has so many amazing reviews.

This rental has 1 bedroom, 1 bed, and 1 bathroom and will comfortably fit 2 guests. It looks like the most relaxing rental for a weekend away. There is a full kitchen, there are beautiful views of the mountains, free parking on the premises, and more.

You can rent this amazing treehouse any time of the year because it is fully stocked with heating and air conditioning. Take a look inside this amazing Airbnb rental that will cost you about $375 per night.

Look Inside This Treehouse Airbnb in Upstate New York

Located in Willow, New York this Airbnb inside the trees is worth the trip!

Gallery Credit: Gianna

Go 'Glamping' In This Pennsylvania Airbnb

If you want to spend some time in the great outdoors, but are a little high-maintenance like me, this is for you!

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