6/27 UPDATE: Joe Walsh says he and AC/DC's Brian Johnson are not planning to release any music together, as many speculated after the Eagles guitarist posted a photo of the two with the caption, "great day making music with my old pal Brian today in London."

"To set the record straight - 'THERE IS NO RECORD IN THE WORKS BETWEEN BRIAN AND I,'" Walsh wrote in new Twitter post today. "We were simply having a bit of fun together, we are musicians after all."


Walsh posted a picture of the two of them, suggesting a collaboration record may be on the way. "Great day making music with my old pal Brian today in London," Walsh wrote on Instagram. "We nailed it! Love ya man!"

It's unknown if they were recording something or simply having fun jamming, but Blabbermouth notes that comments about the post speculate they were fleshing out the song they wrote together when Walsh appeared on Johnson's A Life on the Road TV program back in May.

The clip below features Johnson presenting Walsh with lyrics to a song called "Chase the Tail" in the back of a limousine. Walsh then played some AC/DC-like chords while Johnson sang along.

Eagles are currently touring the U.K. and Ireland, where they'll remain through the end of July. Their only scheduled U.S. dates for this year are three shows in late September and early October at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, which will feature full-album performances of Hotel California and a greatest-hits set.

There's still no word about the recording sessions AC/DC reportedly held in Vancouver last August. Rumors surfaced that Johnson, drummer Phil Rudd and bassist Cliff Williams were working together after photos showed them at the Canadian studio where the band had recorded in the past. Engineer Mike Fraser confirmed in April that they were "doing something," but didn't disclose any other information.



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