The Linwood Police Department has announced that they will have a DWI Checkpoint set up in the city tonight (Friday, August 26.)

Police have even announced the location of the checkpoint: the intersection of New Road (Route 9) and Oak Avenue. Coincidentally, the checkpoint is very near the city's police station.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The checkpoint will be running from 6 pm until midnight.

You might be wondering, "Why are they announcing the checkpoint ahead of time?" There's actually a good answer to that. The goal of a checkpoint is not to "catch as many people as they can." The goal is to deter and stop drunk and impaired driving.

This is from "Prevention and not arrest is the goal. The research is clear on the effect highly visible enforcement has on deterring impairing driving. When drivers perceive the risk of being caught is high, their behavior changes immediately. This is the basis of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Crackdown. The message is simple, direct, relevant and it works -- having already influenced many citizens nationwide not to drink and drive. In most cases, reduced staff checkpoints can be as effective as large scale activities in preventing impaired driving if the effort is correctly publicized to increase the perception of being caught."

Checkpoints usually only take a couple of minutes, if that, for most drivers.

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SOURCES: Linwood Police Department and

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