Can you see it? The light at the end of the long tunnel that is the winter season here in South Jersey is finally shining so bright! Summer 2022 is almost here!

Memorial Day Weekend is even closer than "right around the corner," as the expression reads. It's this weekend! For whatever reason, the excitement surrounding the anticipation of this year's summer season is off the charts. That's probably because this summer is shaping up to be the first "normal" summer season since pre-covid times. Needless to say, we can't wait for the official start to South Jersey's summer season.

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For a while there, nobody was sure whether or not one of Margate's most historic staples would be participating in all of the summer 2022 action. Margate's most famous roadside attraction, Lucy The Elephant, recently underwent a complete renovation. Up until this week, no one knew whether or not Lucy's makeover would be complete in time for the launch of the summer 2022 beach season.

It has been confirmed, however, that Lucy is ready and will be welcoming guests back for tours come Memorial Day Weekend.

While it's wonderful for Lucy lovers to have the chance to visit their beloved elephant this summer, completing the renovation didn't happen without a steep price tag attached. It was reportedly anticipated to cost about $1.4 million to complete all the work that had to be done to Lucy. Now, multiple sources have shared that the initial quote was a little too low, try about half a million dollars too low.

So, folks that love Lucy and want to ensure she's around for generations to come are being asked to join the group known as "Lucy's Life Preservers." Basically, a few hundred people are being asked to donate a specific amount to help pay for the remainder of the cost of Lucy's transformation. That's not to say, however, that any donation wouldn't be appreciated. Surely, it would.

At least Lucy will be ready to go for Memorial Day Weekend!

For more information regarding how to donate to Lucy's restoration campaign, click HERE.


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