In a battle over the legality of a business name, three Oakcrest High School graduates are currently up against the woman who plays 'Wonder Woman' in the films for the right to retain the name of their products.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that three Atlantic County natives, Pete D’Amico, Will Smallwood, and Bill Rementer, are currently in a state of limbo as they wait to see the outcome of a current trademark patent battle regarding the name of their supplement business they started back in 2018. Since the launch of PWR Supplements, the trio have successful made and manufactured multiple workout supplements that have, according to Rementer, filled a void in the market.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, the three men first went to work producing a pre-workout drink that didn't have to consumed while holding your nose. They wanted an effective pre-workout that didn't taste awful. Their first product, a drink called Lemon Limeade, was produced three years ago.

Now, they're going up against 'Wonder Woman' actress Gal Gadot in a fight to save their brand, PWR Supplements. Reportedly, Gal Gadot and her husband are planning to launch supplements under the company name GRL PWR. Although Gadot and her team don't currently offer any products, the three Atlantic County men still have a fight on their hands.

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You're probably asking yourself why would they have to even get involved into a legal battle in the first place if their products have already been circulating in the market for some time now. They must because as it happens, Gal Gadot's team filed for the name trademark earlier than the guys did. Gal Gadot first file the trademark in February 2019 while the guys didn't file theirs until November of that same year.

Luckily though, the guys did independently register a few of their products specifically, so if they should lose out on the official name trademark, they won't have to change what they call certain products in their PWR Supplement line.

What's there for the guys to do now? Nothing but wait, unfortunately. The Press of Atlantic City reports that a judge may not even look over the case for another year. So, for now, they've just got to focus on growing their business and remain patient for the outcome.


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