We can all agree that one of the absolute banes of our existence in our modern 21st century, albeit a first-world problem, is a trip to the grocery store.

While we're lucky in most South Jersey towns to have plenty of stores to choose from, there's always that one go-to place that we go to when we want to pick up a couple of items and get the hell out of dodge. Let's be real - nobody wants to spend more than an hour inside ANY grocery store.

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It's always such a pain to enter your top grocery store of choice to see that they've rearranged literally everything. All of a sudden, you have absolutely no idea where anything is. So, that trip that was only supposed to take you about fifteen minutes tops now turns into an hour because you're running around like a crazy person trying to figure out where everything is.

While it's likely that your favorite grocery store's app will tell you where you will find all the items on your list, it can be difficult to juggle all the kids, the cart, and your list that you now have to plug into the app to find what you need. That's what everyone who frequents the Acme in Mays Landing is currently experiencing ever since the store decided to undergo a makeover.

Everything is rearranged, so now people have to get reacquainted with the new aisles. Luckily, a rockstar of a human posted a list of where you can find what you're looking for to a local Mays Landing-based Facebook group. Think of it like your Acme cheat sheet.


No doubt, this will save you a TON of time should you need to make a grocery run.

Check it out for yourself HERE.

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