Gotta have a Wawa? Gotta have a Wallops!  Millville's John Wallops is a Wawa lifesaver.

Wallops, a 17-year-old high school senior was working his shift in the deli at the Millville Wawa on West Main and Sharp Streets on Fri. Dec. 17 when customers told him about a girl having a medical problem in the bathroom.

"Two customers came up to me and told me like hey there's a girl in the bathroom not breathing. She's on the floor having a seizure."

John said his manager called 911 but he couldn't just stand by and not do anything. Wallops told Fox 29 he jumped into action

"I rushed right in the bathroom. It was like an active instinct," he said. "She was unconscious, she was very purple, she was just laid out on the floor and her head between the stall," said John.

John said he had become  CPR certified several years ago at his late grandmother's insistence, but he had never used it in a real-life situation.

"I feel like she was with me 100% of the way," he said. What he learned years ago just kicked in.

"Her pulse was fading out slowly, so I'm like ok I have to do CPR on her because she's not breathing. So, I pinch her nose, tilt her head back, put my two fingers next to her chest, continue to do CPR, and make sure she was breathing," he said. "She started coughing up stuff, so I flipped her over on her side," said John who continued CPR until EMTs arrived.

John's mom Calvina left no doubt on her Facebook post that she was extremely proud of her lifesaving son...

So 10pm last night a young woman overdose in the bathroom. Wawa Sharp Street. She died. John Wallop Performed CPR. He also works @
Wawa. Brought her back to life. Until EMT arrival. To have him to do this at his age and he was ready. John I’m so proud of you. Taught you well. You save a life last night. You cried and the fact, I couldn’t give you a hug when you told me. But just know, what you did will never go unnoticed. YOU ARE A HERO. I Love you more then a fat kid love 🎂. That’s my boy.

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