Police in Millville are busy looking for suspects in several investigations - and, they're asking for the public's assistance.

In one case, police are looking for a man for a suspected shoplifting case:

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In another case, police say they're looking for people involved in a cooking oil case. (I know - who steals cooking oil?)

Millville Police are also looking for a woman involved in a case of fraud:

Police say they're also looking for a person involved in a burglary. (Remember, there are cameras everywhere.

Meanwhile, all news out of the Millville Police Department isn't bad: There is some good news and some bad news. A police cruiser was recently damaged, but the damage came about due to a nice home run:

Here's a reminder to EVERYONE: Don't park too close to the baseball field:)

If you can help Millville Police with their investigations, you're urged to call (856) 825-7010.

SOURCE: Millville Police Department.

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