Atlantic City: Gambling city on the east coast. Several casinos. A couple of strip clubs. A boardwalk that, lately,  often reaks of marijuana.

Ocean City: A family resort. Dry town. A boardwalk filled with fun, family activities and adventure.

Totally different places, right?

At least in my mind, they are.

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Apparently YouTuber Miles Shades is confused by the two locations - either that or he's just hoping for a wider audience by calling Ocean City "Atlantic City."

I often search for local, interesting YouTube videos.

I came across this video under the "Boardwalk Republic" account. It's titled "Atlantic City Adventures."

The problem with Atlantic City Adventures is that the adventures are all in Ocean City, not Atlantic City. Check it out:

Am I being too picky? Perhaps I am.

Maybe I just feel Ocean City should get credit for his fun adventures and not Atlantic City.

It appears Miles is just beginning his YouTube journey. Miles, I wish you well, but please, in the future, give credit where credit is due.

Atlantic City is a great place (well, except for the pot smell on the boardwalk), but Ocean City is cool!

PS. Stay off the lifeguard stands. Neither city appreciates that.

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