You can't say there aren't any more honest people out there. Not today, at least.

A kind-hearted Egg Harbor Township woman has taken to Facebook to let the South Jersey region know that if you've discovered you lost your ring after donating coins for a pretty great cause, the Egg Harbor Township Marching Band and Color Guard, then she may have found it for you.

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Egg Harbor Township resident Jessica Adamson has come forward with a post to a few local Egg Harbor Township Facebook pages that details how she was sorting coins for donation to the two EHTHS organizations and came across a ring that most definitely, she says, doesn't belong to her. She's asking for the public's help with tracking down its owner.

In an effort to keep potential liars and fakers at bay, she's refrained from providing too much of a description, but does say, though, that the ring is pretty tiny. In a Facebook comment, Adamson explains that it fits her pinky finger. That means that it could very well even be a child's.

Still, the fact that she's even trying to locate the owner means that there's still some hope to be had for humanity, right? Way to go, Jessica!

If you or someone you know has donated coins to the EHTHS Marching Band or Color Guard team and is searching for a ring, Ms. Adamson is the lady you should talk to.

Check out her public Facebook post below:

Source: Facebook

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