South Jersey's full of some pretty amazing kid-friendly activities. Combine something that kids absolutely adore, like animals, with a learning experience, and it's hard to find a parent who wouldn't be on board with a day of fun consisting of those two ingredients.

That's exactly what people got out of a visit to Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy in Petersburg, Cape May County. The dairy has been open to the public for them to enjoy some company with the animals as well as for programs like 4-H, summer camp, you name it. The couple that runs the farm provided some amazing engagement opportunities for the South Jersey community.

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Sadly, they announced yesterday that the programs and open-farm time will be no more. After receiving an email from the health department that allegedly stated people got sick from visiting the farm, Misty Meadow Sheep Dairy has decided that it's best if they close off public access to the property. The news was shared in a video they shared on Misty Meadow's official Facebook page.

That's unfortunate news for South Jersey as a whole. The folks of Misty Meadow assured the public in the video that they take the utmost care of their animals and don't believe the authentication of the alleged claims made by the health department within the email. Their reason for closing the farm to the public is simply to prevent a tainted reputation as well as any potential blame that could be placed upon them for people's various illnesses in the future. For example, they don't want people visiting the farm, coming down with something as simple and common as a cold, and then choosing to blame it on the farm.

Will they open up the farm to public access in the future? They hope to. However, that day is not anytime soon.

Watch the explanation for the closure in the video below:

Source: Facebook

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