"Watch the tram car, please. Watch the tram car, please."

I know you are reading that line in the very well-known, automated voice that has haunted South Jersey for quite some time: the Wildwood Tram Car!

Well now the Tram Car is upping his fame status because he has inspired a brand new rollercoaster called The Runway Tram that is currently being built at Morey's Pier!

The coaster is bright yellow and blue with a rather funny face leading the pack up front.

"I think this just could be the biggest little coaster we've ever done," said Jack Morey, second-generation partner.

The brand new coaster hopefully will be ready by mid-June and will kickstart Morey's Pier's 50th anniversary celebration which means that you will only have to wait a few weeks!

"Because it's our 50th anniversary, we wanted to go a little more all out and that's also why we branded it with one of the great public images of Wildwood, which is the tram car," said Morey.

It definitely a coaster more suitable for families and an estimated 600 people will be able to experience The Runway Tram per hour.

Rather exciting that such a staple part of South Jersey is memorable enough to be turned into an iconic roller coaster!

Take a look at the original article and see photos of what this awesome new roller coaster looks like, head to NJ.com.

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