With the cost of many services on the rise, you may not be surprised to learn the main finding of a recent report: it's more expensive now than ever before to hire a moving company for your shift from one home to another.

According to HireAHelper, a company that helps connect consumers with movers, the cost of moving increased by 8% in the Garden State from May 2021 to May 2022.

"The average cost for a move in Trenton is $598," said Miranda Marquit, chief data analyst.

The cost increase is nearly half the spike recorded on a national level (15%), but the costs here are higher than in many other spots. In May 2022, an average move cost $427. In the first five months, costs were 9% higher than the same period in 2021 on a national level.

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"We expect the national average for moving in August to peak at $454," Marquit said.

The analysis used only local moves in which moving companies were hired to move belongings from one home to the next, as opposed to a full-service operation that may pack up one's home and set up the next.

Marquit noted that hiring a company results in higher costs than just renting a truck for a day or two, but some people would rather save time and energy than save a few hundred bucks.

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